Project Plan for OEP Unit

OEP Unit Project Plan – NB Gantt chart or workpackages wouldn’t paste properly, will have a go tomorrow!

1. Project Context and Aim

The ultimate aim of this project is to develop a new 10 credit Open Academic Practice unit in UAL’s Continuing Professional Development Framework (CPDF).  The CPDF is a modular programme which includes PGCert (HEA accredited PSF D2), PGDip and MA exit qualifications, as well as supporting the professional development and recognition of postgraduate students with teaching responsibilities, research supervisors, part time teaching staff, technicians and others who support students’ learning.  UAL is currently pursuing HEA accreditation for parts of the CPDF at D3, in addition to the existing D2 accreditation.  The programme also attracts a number of external participants annually.

This project is a ‘capstone’ for UAL, building on UAL’s existing OER projects (ALTO and ALTO-UK), and UAL’s DIAL project, part of the JISC Digital Literacies programme.  It will make use of the existing experience and skills of UAL staff, including those of DIAL Project Manager and OU SCORE Fellow, Chris Follows.

An important and innovative concept in the project for cultural change is the recognition (through academic credit in this case) of the benefits of OER creation to professional development – that collaboration in creation of OER with colleagues and mentors makes open and explicit what has been private and tacit teaching practice.   We see this as a way to increase the creation and adoption of OER as well as a way to benefit the continuing professional development of academic staff and others who support learning.

It is expected that the experience of devising the Open Academic Practice Unit will provide the Professional Development Team with experience and resources to embed OER as appropriate in all units of the CPDF, raising their profile with the 120-150 UAL staff who annually take a component of the CPDF.

2. Project Outputs

  1. Addition of new unit to UAL CPDF structure
  2. Release of development materials and unit specification as OER in ALTO and Jorum
  3. An additional institutional strategy for engaging staff in the use, repurposing and creation of OER with inbuilt tangible benefits to the staff
  4. Blog, documenting process and incorporating an evaluation
  5. Case study for publication and presentation nationally, based on the project blog

8. Exit and Sustainability Plans

Because the project will result to a change to an existing accredited programme, which is explicitly identified in the institutions strategic planning, and builds on an area where there has already been and continues to be considerable institutional investment, we do not perceive any sustainability concerns.

We anticipate initial cohorts studying the unit will be small with the model having inbuilt capacity for growth as successful completions lead to more participants in subsequent years (due to availability of more tutors, as well as the potential for us to quantify the use and impact of the released OER to demonstrate benefits to the individuals and the institution).

5 thoughts on “Project Plan for OEP Unit

  1. Here are the WPs:

    1: Project Set-up
    2: Amend CPDF documentation
    3: Develop unit documentation and plan
    4: Maintain a blog of unit development, to include the project evaluation
    5: Validate Open Academic Practice unit for offer in 2012/13 academic year
    6: Project Management

    A lot of this is now done or in progress – need to think about evaluation.

  2. Thanks for the link, Ellen.

    The unit is really taking shape and I can see why you decided to make it 20 credits rather than 10!
    I’m really impressed with the collaboration between colleagues in your team each contributing from their particular perspectives.

    I had the urge to add a tweak or two of my own for your consideration but didn’t have “commenting” rights. Never mind, I’ll wait and watch how it develops and save my comments for later.

    I’ll have a think about reading suggestions.

    (Critical Friend to the project)


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